Caroline’s Room Organization

Caroline loves to play with her toys.  I love this aspect about my sweet girl, but she has the hardest time keeping her room organized.  In fact, this child figures out away to make the biggest messes, despite my many organization efforts.  Therefore, I put away all the separate plastic bins and attempted to make it easier for her tidy up, by replacing them with these large baskets underneath her bed.  The round plastic baskets were 97 cents at Walmart, the larger square basket was under $5, and the wicker basket we’ve had around the house for many years.  By far her favorite toys is her Barbie stuff and she has a ton of Barbie stuff, thus I placed all the Barbie stuff in the large wicker basket.  In addition, I purchased these bed risers to lift her bed off the ground, to make room for larger storage underneath her bed.  The “little tiny” toys, like Shopkins & trinkets, I put on the very top of her closet.  Now she can’t get out tiny toys without an adult getting them down for her. We’ve had one sleep over down and she’s successfully, for the first time been able to tidy her room by herself!  Finally, we’ve found a system that works in this little girl’s room!


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