Sweet Caroline; From Baby to Little Lady

From baby to little lady… How in the world did this happen? She’s growing up way too fast and despite my attempts to cherish every moment, she continues growing like a weed! I can’t slow her down, nor would I want to! She’s like a mighty & fierce spirit, yearning to discover God’s plan for her life! She’s sensitive, but strong! Tender, but uniquely stubborn! Loving, but never dependent! She loves to learn about God and has an innate desire to be God’s little princess! This child is amazingly confident, in all the right & wonderful ways! Her ability to understand such an infinitely loving God, is childlike and surreal! The beautiful confidence this child naturally radiates, makes me feel like the best momma in the entire world! Because, despite my deep-rooted insecurities, this little lady is growing up free from the bondage of insecurity! As a look into her big beautiful blue eyes, I see grace! I see a beauty so deep! A heart so genuine! I see a resemblance of the little girl I always dreamed of being! A little girl fully loved, cherished, and adored! A little girl blessed with the gifts of a Godly home, loving parents, and secure attachments! She’s such a smart, intelligent, and talented litttle girl! After almost 6 years I occasionally still have to pinch myself, as I wonder if I’m living a wonderful dream, with the most perfect daughter God could have ever given to me! I’m not dreaming, but I am extremely blessed! Extremely grateful for the blessing of my daughter, my friend, and one of my greatest accomplishments on Earth! Sweet Caroline, my heart spilleth over!!!  


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