Peaceful Bedroom

My bedroom is an ever changing project.  I always tell my dear husband, “If you don’t like the furniture set up wait a few days, it’ll change!”  I am easily bored, one of the many ways my ADD affects my life!  I must admit this is one of my favorite bedroom looks to date.  Moving out one nightstand and placing the bed against the wall, makes the room look larger, more open, & tidy!  

This quilt was an amazing Amazon deal, normally $120 dollars, only $40.  I love the vibrant colors, as it lightens up the room, and allows me more freedom to explore with fun purples, pinks, blues, and greens.  

This adorable cabinet has been a versatile piece in our home for many years, from kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and now in our bedroom.  Love the extra counter space for my fan, lamp, and petal diffuser.  All my electronics and charging wires in one place.  An easy way to hide away clutter, behind the doors of this adorable little cabinet.  

What can I say, “I love curtains!”  Love the look of elegance over the closet.  

All while hiding the inside of the closet.  

My favorite aspect of this room’s set up is the openness.  This room is actually quite small, but this set up makes the room look huge.  Which, ultimately makes me feel less confined and peaceful!  

Love the outcome and the room has an amazing calming effect on my soul.  The aesthetic environment of this room establishes a simple, yet, serene feel.  My quiet place; My bedroom is my place to pray and hear the Holy Spirit speak to my heart!

Thanks for taking time to check out my blog!  

God bless, Crystal 

Mathew 6:6 “When you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”


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