Our Lifelong Love Affair

You, my dear are a part of me… a wonderful addition to my soul. Together we’re better… somehow more whole.

When we’re apart… the void is immense. The pain at times… entirely too intense.

My heart has been yours since our eyes first met. Summer youth camp 94’… A week I will never forget.

After camp, I officially became your girlfriend… Driving away I knew you were a godsend.

You, my love, stole my heart 24 years ago… The moment you first held my hand… our love began to grow.

In your arms… I felt safe and secure… A once in a lifetime love, many thought premature.

Five months filled with purely innocent passion… The next six years growing in friendship and compassion.

Six years later, standing before God and a crowd… We said “I do!”… A commitment to love for better or worse, in sickness and in health we vowed.

Young and in love… praising our father above.

The preacher said “You may kiss the bride!” Walking down the aisle… my heart filled with pride.

The future before us unknown… Content knowing God was on the throne.

Together we walked hand in hands… giving a whole new meaning to our wedding bands.

18 years of marriage… we’ll soon pass. The kisses we’ve shared exceed a meadow full of grass.

Lives lived in full… Raising four children sure has been a handful.

Together we’re a team… Rearing Godly children is our theme.

Missing you as you travel far… To Korea, China, Croatia, and even Myanmar.

Awaiting your return from every departure… Long hours spent missing my partner.

The time spent apart… Never fails to break my heart.

Missing your presence around the house… Makes me thankful to be your spouse.

Time away from you, my love, is bittersweet… Without you here I feel incomplete.

The distance between us… always leaves me feeling blue. A great reminder of the gift I’ve found in you.

Thank you, darling for loving me so… You, my dear, are my very own Romeo.

Desperately longing for your embrace… Simply longing to see you face-to-face!

I admit I may sound sappy… For in your arms I’m always happy.

I treasure the love we share… Forever grateful for our lifelong love-affair.


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