A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love for her child…  There’s no deeper love on Earth!  It’s this love that allows a mother the strength to lift a car off a child.  It’s throwing herself in front of a car, without a thought, to protect her child.  It’s the intense pain a mother feels, when she observes her child suffering from illness or injury… It’s the deep longing inside her, begging God to allow her to face the pain instead!  It’s the ability to selflessly consider their needs above her own!  It’s a mother’s love that allows her to remain steadfast under pressure, as her child begs and at times {despises} her for saying no!  

A momma’s love for her child is indefinable and immeasurable!

Motherhood is filled with great intensity of emotion, as she watches her babies grow up. It’s the joy and sadness felt each and everyday, realizing her babies are another step closer to leaving her nest… empty.  

It’s a mother’s love that allows her to pull back, as they fight for independence. Sacrificing her innate motherly instinct to hold tighter… pushing down her desire to pull them closer out of fear of them flying away. It’s a mother’s love that hushes her desire for control, for the sole purpose of providing space and freedom for her children to grow into the adults God intends for them to be. It’s the tears that flow relentlessly with little understanding of the cause… questioning whether they’re tears of joy… sadness… grief… fear… or all of the above!  It’s the way a momma often wipes tears from her cheeks… While remaining on autopilot to ensure everyone and everything is taken care of for the day!

Motherhood is real! It’s vulnerable! It’s joyful! It’s genuine! It’s messy! It’s painful! It’s terrifying! It’s exciting!

The depth of a mother’s love is greater than the deepest place in the ocean waters.  It’s this love that causes a momma to lose sleep at night, as tears pour from her eyes, worrying about her children.  It’s love that pushes this mother to become the very best version of herself possible. It’s love that causes a momma to spend endless hours feeling excruciating guilt over mistakes made in raising her children!  It’s a momma’s love that causes her to feel guilt…  even when she knows she’s making the “right” decision for her child.  

Simply put… A momma never feels good enough to parent her babies!  She’s always striving to become better, stronger, more patient, and more loving!

It’s love that forces a momma to her knees, in the wee hours of the night, as she bows her head in prayer for her children! It’s a momma’s love that would fight off a full grown bear, to save her child from danger!  It’s a mother’s love that would work tirelessly to provide for her children.  It’s a mother’s love that would starve to death, to ensure her child survived. It’s the reason a mother often turns her face, as she cries, in the attempt to be strong and confident.  While, inside she feels not an ounce of confidence or strength.  It’s a mother’s love that fights for her children! It’s a mother’s love that stands up to evil, even if it means facing rough waters. It’s this love that refuses to give up and advocates for her children’s well-being.  

There’s simply no way to define the power of a “mother’s love”… Try as we might… There aren’t enough words in the English language to adequately describe a mother’s supernatural ability to love her children.

A momma’s love is unconditional… It’s an overwhelming and confusing mix of any and all emotions. A momma’s love is a well of intense emotions… that replay in repeated cycles all throughout her days!  

What can I say?

It’s a momma’s love!




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