Should I or Should I Not? Facebook Etiquette


Venting on Facebook can certainly be tempting at times…. Friends, when we are angry and hurt, even when our feelings are warranted; Venting our frustrations on FB will not solve our problem. Let me repeat, venting our frustrations on FB will NOT solve your problem! Actually, it creates a bigger problem, with more resentment and bitterness. When your feeling offended and make a point to be understood and heard on Facebook… Your desired outcome will never be achieved. Sure, there will be a few people who agree with you, but the damage it does is permanent. I can pretty much guarantee this approach is NEVER effective.

Friends, when we post anything on social media, we should make sure it’s done with good intentions, in love, and never to “get our point” across. Let’s face it, we live in a broken world and as believers, Christian’s will face tribulation in this fallen world. As tempting as it is to respond in anger and hurt, we must respond in love as Christ. If you want people to change, respond to criticism in love… Wow! This approach has short term and long term changes! We may not see the changes immediately, but in the eternal picture we’re always making a positive difference, when we choose love over hate!

Trust me, I am not writing this as someone who has it all figured out. I am writing this post from a place having had to learn some hard and painful lessons many times, regarding posts on FB! Sadly, I’ve lost friends over posts in the past! I’ve hurt people I love, due to ill thought out and prayed about posts!

We as believers, must decide to exercise grace over hurt. We must take our hurt, pain, and frustrations to God in prayer! Hand your hurt over to God and see how quickly he changes your heart! Friends, God knows your heart! He knows how hard you try! Most importantly, he knows how it feels to be despised and rejected by men. Hand your pain over to him!

God has so many truths on this issue in scripture… One of which is… “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world!” We can respond in love, while holding the same boundaries! This my friend’s, is a learned art! A practice learned by continually surrendering our hurt, pain, and frustration to God. Feeling his unconditional love and forgiveness and then being able to extend the same grace and love to others who hurt and criticize us.

Remember this truth from God’s word when people attack you or criticize you…. “Your battle is not against flesh and blood!” The battle was and never has been about you or them… This is a spiritual battle! God allows us to endure these battles, because it’s an opportunity to mature our faith, grow our perseverance, and build our character. Each conflict we endure as believers, is a way to show God’s love to the world around us! Respond to hate, with love! This is the most powerful tool, God has given to us as believers! Blessings, Crystal


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