Word Of Discernment; America We’re Headed For Dark Days

Americans, my heart has been troubled for several months over the direction our nation is headed. Sadly, we are taking for granted the freedoms we have in America! This is terrififying to me at the deepest level! I know the feeling of being trapped, helpless, scared, and controlled! Being imprisoned, trapped, helpless, unloved, and controlled is the worse feeling in the entire world! I was raised in a home where I continually felt controlled, scared, trapped, and helpless! These are the worse feelings I’ve felt in my entire life! I have spent the duration of my life trying to overcome these difficulties from my childhood.

When I turn on the news today, I experience flashbacks to my childhood! The screaming, violence, hatred, riots, looting, attacking, name calling, cursing, and vulgarity were a regular part of my upbringing! It was Satan fueling the violence and pain in my childhood home and it is Satan fueling the violence on the streets, in the government, and in our culture! To think of living in a country where the government or one political agenda is in control, triggers tremendous fear of being controlled and helpless! Living for Christ has been the conduit that has set me free from many forms of bondage! Sadly, many feel that surrendering their hearts to Christ is an act of powerlessness and confinement! It is the exact opposite, it is freedom, peace, joy, purpose, meaning, and faith knowing God is in control!

It saddens me to see America moving into a time, ever so gradually, of persecution, famine, and a complete lack of freedom. In fact, we’re already there! People are no longer allowed to attach a flag to their vehicle or put a sign in their yard, without getting them removed, vandalized, and even burned down! The people acting out these acts of violence are full of hatred, anger, and a complete lack of joy and peace! It’s terribly sad to see happening all around our great nation! The government is forcing mask mandates and even scarier, shutting down our religious freedoms, by shutting down our churches! We need the church! Without the church, our very foundation is headed to extinction and the Father of Lies “Satan himself” is behind the very movement! This is control of a very overt and scary form! Satan is attempting to lead us to a place of chaos, conflict, and I believe complete disunity down the middle! I’m warning people now, I’m not the type to announce prophetic words onto the world, but my spirit is discerning hard days coming soon!

Days of persecution, tremendous fear, and absolute chaos are among us and most of us are asleep to it! WAKE UP!!! Christians or so-called “Christians” are falling for the movement for the sake of being “woke” and aren’t paying attention to the demonic agenda under the surface! This is a Satanic agenda that far too many aren’t paying attention to and are falling for the “woke” movement in the worse way! We must be aware! We must stand up and fight! Religious freedom, political freedom, freedom of speech is no longer tolerated by a vast majority of people; Except when it comes from the side their on! This is frightening people! This should terrify you!

Our forefathers fought considerably for the freedom’s we have today! Sadly, I believe we’re headed back into a time of having our freedom thwarted. In fact, we’ve had many of our freedom’s threatened for many many years and most people are blind to it! To stand for God’s word and principles is no longer tolerated and is considered “hate speech”, and God’s word is the only way to truth and true freedom! Satan knows this and is pushing the narative stronger than ever! He’s called the master manipulator in scripture for a reason!

We can “feel” powerful emotions and they often feel like truth! Friends, feelings are fickle and can’t be trusted! We must have a steady guide, a moral compass, and the only one we have is God’s word! Anytime inconsistencies are prevalent, Satan is behind it! This is a plea from a fellow sister in Christ!

I am warning you today, that life as we know it is soon to change drastically and you won’t know what hit you! I’m not looking forward to these days, I’m frightened at my core, but I also know dark days are prophesied in the end days in scripture! I’m gearing up for the battle, just as Jesus geared up for dying on that Old Rugged Cross! It was gruesome, terrifying, and outright scary… It was the Father’s will!

Jesus was prepared! Friends, I’m fearful most of us aren’t! Time to get ready! Life as we know it will be drastically changing! When we are prepared for the battle ahead, there is no fear! Jesus wasn’t fearful, because he was ready for the battle that was before him!

The intention of this post isn’t to scare you, but warn you to be equipped for the battle’s that inevitably lie ahead! An army ill equipped and unprepared should be terrified! Given the proper warning we have time to prepare! The question is… Will you heed the warning and get right with God and prepare your heart for the battle ahead? Will you quiet your heart and ask God to show you the truth? The choice is yours! Fear or preparedness? I choose preparedness and proper training by the best trainer ever known, The Lord and Savior!

Praying for you today! Praying for our nation! Praying for our world!

Blessings, Crystal

2 Timothy 3:1-5 “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.”


One response to “Word Of Discernment; America We’re Headed For Dark Days”

  1. We keep the faith! Jesus has the last Word because he is The Word made flesh!

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