Letting Go

This amazing man started a new job this week! He is working for Thrasher Foundation & Repair in Springfield. He traveled the first week and drove all over Missouri and Kansas and was gone for several days.

It was so very hard for this momma to let her child go and I fought emotion the entire week. I know holding him back wouldn’t have been God’s plan! Letting go is the HARDEST part of being a momma! I worried and took my worries to God in prayer and I did this about a hundred times since he left on Wednesday morning for his first week of work. A few times I got ready and my heart was overwhelmed with the grief of watching your child leave the nest. I’m thankful he’s not completely leaving the nest yet and he’s leaving for a few days and coming back.

There was tremendous joy, as I heard his stories and observed the excitement he had about getting such an awesome job!

I am so very proud to have such an awesome young man for A son! I am proud of the way he makes the world a better place, with his Love for God, people, and bringing kindness to a world in desperate need!

Great job, son! I’m proud of you! Robert Ridlon


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