My Uncle… My Childhood Hero


Memories… Powerful memories.

Childhood memories.

The good memories are bombarding my heart.

You… Uncle were there… in the positive.

Providing memories of happiness… love… and peace.

I can’t recall a time you weren’t poised… peaceful… and kind.

You stood out in my little mind.

In a world full of chaos.

Several times a year… you came to visit.

Enough to make a huge impact on my life.

You stood out in my little heart.

Full of life… strength… and plenty of love.

I always loved you… admired your morals… I looked up to you.

You were and will always be my childhood hero.

You loved me back.  Kissed my cheek… held my hand.
You were proud of me… And never ceased to tell me.

I was lost in a world without stability.

In the midst of my childhood chaos you were a steady presence.

Loving me with the love of God.

Thank you for showing God’s unconditional love.

Thank you, Uncle Hanzel, for your giving and loving spirit.

For standing up for God, and being a beacon of light in the heart of a little blond headed girl.

This blond headed girl, is grateful, and will look forward to the day we meet again in Heaven.

Your Biggest Fan,



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