Dance Sweet Uncle… Dance With Jesus

Here I sit, on the couch.
Two weeks ago to the day,
In the same spot we sat… Together.

You were sick… Weak for sure.
Yet…a beautiful conversation we shared.
Here on this couch… We laughed… Loved… And spoke of future dreams.

Pride… The emotion I felt in your presence.
You listened to my heart… You always knew how to encourage my weary spirit.
Here, you told me how proud of me you were.

We spoke and laughed for quite some time.
I watched you grow tired.
Encouraged you to lay down and rest.

If only I’d known,
Those precious 45 minutes would be your last lucid conversation?
Here I sit… Snuggling into the arm of the couch where we last loved and laughed.

Two weeks of fighting…
You fought a strong battle.
And won with the medal of countless Heavenly crowns.

I held your hand as you took your last… final..  Earthly breadth.
I was honored to stand next to your bedside.
To witness your face when you saw the face of God.

This couch suddenly feels empty… Lonely.
I long for one more conversation… More cherished memories.
Tonight I snuggle into the couch where you often rested your head.

Your home is full of people…  Your loved ones.
Yet, your absence makes this home feel empty..
My heart longs for your Earthly presence.

Sleeping in your favorite resting spot…
I smell your comforting scent.
In this home you are everywhere…

I keep expecting you to walk into the room.
To hear your good old southern boy laugh…
As you ask in your deep and gentle voice, “Where we going to eat?


Giving…The one word that describes you best.


Hanzil Burtman… The purest example of God’s deepest love.


Your life… Cherished and loved by many.


Dance sweet uncle… Dance with Jesus… Holding the hands of those you’ve loved… Who’ve gone before.


RIP Hanzil Lavern Burtman “You will be greatly missed!”

We miss you… We love you… We’ll see you in our Heavenly dwelling.


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