Save a Seat for Me

Tonight your sitting around the Heavenly table.

Countless times I recall sitting around the dinner table with you,

My seat of choice was always next to you.

Your laugh contagious, your smile beaming, and a spirit of God’s tender love all around you.

You loved fellowshipping around any table.

Your generosity evident to all.

Two weeks ago, you were ailing… Not even able to feed yourself.

Yet, you laughed and held my hand.

Still wanting to take us to dinner.

I Remember you saying, “Where do you want to go for dinner?”

Makes me laugh, as I knew you wouldn’t be going to dinner.

Makes me smile, because in your ailing state you were still wanting to show me love.

You showed your love by feeding those you loved.

These are the fond memories I will always hold dear.

You were never rich. Yet, your hand was always open.

Always seeing needs and meeting them in any way you could.

Simple acts of kindness… Never unnoticed by me.

I miss you, uncle.

My heart longs for another day in your presence.

How I long to share one more happy dinner with you.

One more happy memory.

Enjoy your new Heavenly table.

Have fun sharing the table… laughing… And loving those who’ve awaited your arrival.

All I ask is “Save a seat for me?”

“Save me a seat next to you… That’s where I want to be.”


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