Some Sweet Day

My childhood hero…

Left this world.

Sitting next to his bed,
Holding his hand, reading him God’s word, singing softly into his ear.
He left this world.
My deep faith…
And his love for God insures me, he’s among Heaven’s angels.
The Bible says, “There are no tears in Heaven”.
I’m not so sure.
I know my hero is looking down on me.
When he sees me crying and observes my broken heart.
I can hear his familiar,
Good hearted… Tender cry.
He was not afraid to show his heart.
He maintained the manliest…  most compassionate tears.
Those he loved…
Never questioned his heart… His intentions… His love.
I’ll never be “normal” again.
His final breadth…
Left a gaping hole in my heart.
A hole,
Which leaves me yearning for Heaven.
My life is blessed beyond measure.
Loved ones surround me.
His passing…
Leaves me longing for Heaven, in a whole new way.
My hero always ended his prayers…
“Take me home to live with thee, some sweet day,”
Some sweet day…
I will once again be “normal”.
Until we meet again!



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