I Wish There Were Visiting Hours in Heaven

Sleeping… Dreaming… I’m in your home. Unfortunately, you aren’t there, sitting by my side. You, remain everywhere. In your home, in my memories, within my heart. Your familiar smell, your booming… southern voice. At times you seem so close, your soul… closely intertwined with mine. Right now… This very minute… Your Heavenly residence seems tooContinue reading “I Wish There Were Visiting Hours in Heaven”

Follow Your Dreams

God has been preparing my heart for the “counseling” mission field. God placed this desire within my heart many years ago, and has been preparing my heart for this mission. In the past year, this desire has become a continual nudge within my spirit. Once I realized my desire was a “holy desire”, a “calling”Continue reading “Follow Your Dreams”

Are You Running Out Of Gas?

A year ago after a four hour drive to my hometown, my car stalled. I couldn’t figure out the problem. The gas gauge revealed a 1/4 of a tank. My van stalled in front of a gas station. What luck? A kind man pulled off the road to offer a helping hand. Upon further evaluationContinue reading “Are You Running Out Of Gas?”

Aspirations… Dreams… And Discerning God’s Direction

Write a book. Sing professionally… Earn a degree… Start an award winning blog… Begin a Bible study… Or a Christian mom’s group… What are your aspirations? Lately, I’ve been thinking about my life. Not “lately” but forever… all the time. I’ve wrestled with who I am… who does God want me to be… who doContinue reading “Aspirations… Dreams… And Discerning God’s Direction”

Too Long… Not To See Your Smile

You left me… You’ve gone before. I wasn’t ready. My heart is bleeding. Your void intense. Your presence… I miss. I know I’ll see you again. Selfishly, it’s not soon enough. Too long…  Not to see your smile. I miss you… now. I long to talk to… now. I know we’ll meet again in Heaven.Continue reading “Too Long… Not To See Your Smile”

Within My Heart, You Will Always Be

Today I picked up the phone. I longed to talk to you. To hear your compassionate voice. Your voice has always been such a comfort to my heart. So unique… so deep… so tender. Such love escaped your lips. You understood my heart. Always knew what to say. Your words calmed my soul. As longContinue reading “Within My Heart, You Will Always Be”

Praise To God and Count Each One Of Your Blessings

My son, Robby, wrote this poem and shared it with me tonight. I asked his permission to share it, and he said I could. I love the cute thoughts of young and innocent children. Here at my desk thinking. I have a lot of blessings in my life. I turn and start to work onContinue reading “Praise To God and Count Each One Of Your Blessings”

How To Use Facebook, Without Allowing Facebook to Bring You Down

Lately, I’ve had several conversations with friends about Facebook.  Speaking openly and honestly with friends about Facebook’s pro’s and con’s, has encouraged me to write this blog. Seven Things to Keep In Mind As You Utilize Facebook 1.  If Facebook makes you feel bad about yourself, you close your account. The world is constantly hurlingContinue reading “How To Use Facebook, Without Allowing Facebook to Bring You Down”