Independence Blvd

You’ve grown up too fast. Before my eyes… so hard to grasp. I’m sad… I’m happy… I’m frightened… I’m excited. Walking behind… Your little five year old legs. In the direction of that big yellow school bus. Transportation to get you where you need to go. Out into the big world. Independence Blvd. That’s theContinue reading “Independence Blvd”

To Go or Not to Go?

My oldest two boys were all signed up and ready to begin packing for camp. However, something inside my spirit didn’t feel right about them going to camp. I couldn’t pin point and particular reason, however the feeling wouldn’t let up. My husband is teaching abroad in China for six weeks and we all missContinue reading “To Go or Not to Go?”

Good Ole’ Lemonade Days

Everyone has bad days. Today was one of my “bad days”. I opened my eyes and felt the nasty pang “I’m going to cry!” Went to church… All in attempt to serve God… And feel better. Yet… I escaped to the ladies room to secretly wipe away the unwanted drops of emotion. The last thingContinue reading “Good Ole’ Lemonade Days”

Thankful For An Amazing Vacation

We drove all day yesterday and returned to our home sweet home at 7:30 p.m. We had an amazing vacation and I can’t stop praising The Lord for the wonderful memories we made as a family. Leaving the ocean was hard! When I’m standing next to the ocean with my family, watching the sunset, GodContinue reading “Thankful For An Amazing Vacation”

Living a Victorious Life Through the “Almighty Counselor”

I look in their faces… No matter how hard I try I can’t see their hearts. So many people… So many souls. Their eyes are a window into their souls. Usually… I can read the emotions of the eyes. In their eyes, I can see anger… Fear… Sadness… Joy. I can’t see “why” their feeling,Continue reading “Living a Victorious Life Through the “Almighty Counselor””

Heaven By The Sea

Together we stroll… Her tiny hand, holds on tight. Walking beside the ocean, she giggles as each wave catches her feet. Her stature tiny, in comparison to the vast… powerful body of water. Yet, she’s not afraid. She is filled with giddiness. Together we sit, staring out at the sea. The two of us watchContinue reading “Heaven By The Sea”

Maybe God’s “No” Actually Means “Later”

We plead to God… “Lord, give me this desire!” His response {most often} fails our instantaneous expectations. Do we assume… His answer is “no”. When maybe… His answer is “yes”… but “later”. Do we trust his word… {Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door willContinue reading “Maybe God’s “No” Actually Means “Later””

God’s {Perfect, Pure, and Real Love}… Walking… {Right in front of me}

Am I the only mother who continually compares my self to {all} other momma’s in the world? Am I the only mother, who feels regular guilt because I’m not participating in arts and crafts with my children? Am I the only mother who feels immense pressure to be like {her}? I dont look like {her},Continue reading “God’s {Perfect, Pure, and Real Love}… Walking… {Right in front of me}”

If I Withhold Faith, I Will Behold No Hope

A couple of nights ago, I was sitting in the living room, surrounded by my family and guiltily stressing about my graduate level research papers. Earlier, that afternoon I had noticed a friend requested prayer for her daughter on Facebook. Despite, my stress over my research papers due that evening, I continued to check FacebookContinue reading “If I Withhold Faith, I Will Behold No Hope”