What Can I Do… What Can You Do… Our Contribution To Halting Evilness In Our Communities

At times the  darkness suffocates me.The news… Ravaged with stories.Shootings… Theft… Scandals..  Anger… Fear… Murder rampant in today’s society. Today… A man.A sick… Angry… A Crazy man,Walked into a school.A child’s home away from home, And began to shoot. Twenty sets of parents left to face this world.Without their children, their daily reason to live.The faces…TheContinue reading “What Can I Do… What Can You Do… Our Contribution To Halting Evilness In Our Communities”

This One’s Tough, I Need God’s Healing

Countless times Lord, you have caught me. Always there to keep my faith from shattering on the cold… hard floor. My heart is reaching, needing, and yearning… For yet another miracle. A miracle of God sized healing, peace, and comfort. This one’s tough… When will the healing come? Can healing come from this? From thisContinue reading “This One’s Tough, I Need God’s Healing”

Dance Sweet Uncle… Dance With Jesus

Here I sit, on the couch. Two weeks ago to the day, In the same spot we sat… Together. You were sick… Weak for sure. Yet…a beautiful conversation we shared. Here on this couch… We laughed… Loved… And spoke of future dreams. Pride… The emotion I felt in your presence. You listened to my heart…Continue reading “Dance Sweet Uncle… Dance With Jesus”

My Uncle… My Childhood Hero

  Memories… Powerful memories. Childhood memories. The good memories are bombarding my heart. You… Uncle were there… in the positive. Providing memories of happiness… love… and peace. I can’t recall a time you weren’t poised… peaceful… and kind. You stood out in my little mind. In a world full of chaos. Several times a year…Continue reading “My Uncle… My Childhood Hero”

Thank You God, For The Blessing Of My Daughter

The sun is radiant, This day perfect in every way Quality time spent, With my  Beautiful and Fun baby girl. Aimlessly she wanders, Carefree… So full of life. Each time she smiles, My heart leaps for joy. Her smile is life-altering. Candy to my soul. Entered the world, Bright eyed and aware. No tears, OnlyContinue reading “Thank You God, For The Blessing Of My Daughter”

Rotten “Ugly” Guilt or Godly Conviction

I had been married for a year and a month.  I had spent the weekend away from my husband, visiting family.  My cycle was late, but I penned it to stress.  My emotions were everywhere.  At some point, my thoughts convinced me I might be pregnant.  I drove to the pharmacy to purchase a pregnancyContinue reading “Rotten “Ugly” Guilt or Godly Conviction”

How To Use Facebook, Without Allowing Facebook to Bring You Down

Lately, I’ve had several conversations with friends about Facebook.  Speaking openly and honestly with friends about Facebook’s pro’s and con’s, has encouraged me to write this blog. Seven Things to Keep In Mind As You Utilize Facebook 1.  If Facebook makes you feel bad about yourself, you close your account. The world is constantly hurlingContinue reading “How To Use Facebook, Without Allowing Facebook to Bring You Down”

Be There, Really “Be There”

Grasping my fingers… her wobbly little legs… slowly achieve the new status of “walker”. She loves the outdoors… and I love watching the pleasure written all over her face, as she observes God’s creation.  The trees… the sky… the bouncy clouds… the grass… the tiny ants… everything is new… and amazing… to her eyes. ArchingContinue reading “Be There, Really “Be There””